Q: What is the difference between standard treads and full false treads?

A:  Standard treads are generally used in new stair tread construction in that they are installed directly onto the stair frame’s stringers.  Full false treads or tread caps as they are sometimes called fit over an existing tread eliminating the need to completely rip out existing treads or roughed in treads such as one would find upon removing carpet from stair treads.  Full false treads are a good option for the DIY’er home owner looking to update or convert their stair case from carpeted stair treads to hardwood stair treads.

Q: What are the stair frame stringers, are they not the side pieces on a stair case?

A:  No, the side pieces on a finished stair case are called skirts or skirt board. A stair stringer (also called ‘string’ or ‘stringer board’) is the housing on either side of the frame on a flight of stairs, onto which the treads and risers are fixed. A staircase will have two to three stringers, one on either side of the steps ( minimum ) and one down the center ( recommended).

Q: What is a plowed area on full false treads?

A: The existing “riser to riser” width or the ( Run ) as it is referred to, this is the same as the ( Plowed ) out area on your full false treads ( please see reference photos below).  You do not include any overhang or bull nose widths in your ( Run ) measurement.  The body of the plowed area is 3/4” in thickness.

Our treads have a standard 9″ plowed area, though these can easily be cut to size on site for smaller plow requirements or we can can make them wider depending on our customer’s requirements. Once you exceed a 9-1/2″ plowed area you are looking at additional costs per tread.

Note: To install full false treads it is required that you cut back the existing bull nose ( front edge overhang ) so that the existing treads are square or flush with the existing risers.

Q: Are there different styles of tread nosing available ?

A:  Yes, we have three (3) styles available for our full false treads, bull nose, standard 1-1/16 in. square and modern 1-3/4 in. square and two (2) styles for our standard stair treads, bull nose and standard 1-1/16 in. square.

Q: Can you get stair nosing to match the nosing on the stair treads?

A:  Yes, we have three (3) styles available for our stair nosing, bull nose, standard 1-1/16 in. square and modern 1-3/4 in. square.

Q: Can you get winder sets as full false treads?

A:  Yes, we have 2 pc. and 3 pc. 48” full false winder sets available.

Q: Can you get a volute full false stair treads?

A:  No, we only have standard single or double volute stair treads with their curved risers.  One would have to completely remove their existing volute tread to install the new volute tread in its place.  To be quoted on a volute stair tread be sure to include the inside throat measurement.

Q: What is a mitered stair tread?

A:  On some stair cases you’ll find open ended stair treads, this is where you would want to install a mitered stair tread which simply means the open end or ends have a finished mitered end ( return ) installed which is the same profile as the nosing of the tread.  When you order mitered treads always look up your stair case to determine what side the open end is facing.  We will also require the inside frame measurements.  You can have a single or double mitered stair tread available as a standard or full false stair tread.


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